bioTRAiTS, Inc. is a leading global provider of biometrics technology to corporations, governments, institutions, and consumers worldwide.

bioTRAiTS technology solutions optimize risk management, enhance mitigation and lower operating costs by securing digital and material assets from unauthorized access to facilities, IT networks, or data.

bioTRAiTS assures secure, convenient and accountable access to authorized individuals from anywhere on the globe, and can provide accurate, timely accounting of all HR transactions, schedules and obligations.

bioTRAiTS consumer technology affords a secure barrier against identity theft, online predators, and unauthorized access to family transactions. Authorized use is safe, easy and convenient.


Workforce Management
bioTRAiTS management solutions boost revenues and increase profits by simplifying and securing accurate, comprehensive HR accountability and automated reporting.
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Healthcare Sciences
bioTRAiTS a minority owned IT consulting company That works hand-in-hand with Fortune-1000 and other mid-size companies to solve their project and staffing services needs.
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Security Solutions
bioTRAiTS leading-edge technology creates a dynamic barrier against unauthorized access to digital assets and physical facilities.
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IT Managed Services
Fully integrated bioTRAiTS solutions and products are backed by prompt and comprehensive product support, full network services, and consulting.
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Channel Partners
bioTRAiTS welcomes inquiries from reliable, experienced distributor partners worldwide.
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Our Clients and Customers
bioTRAiTS technology provides leading edge resources for corporations, governments, agencies, institutions, families, & individuals worldwide.
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